Divorce done the best way possible
Divorce done the best way possible

Costs You May Encounter with Your Divorce

Attorney's Fees - from $600.

Fees for an uncontested divorce without children start at $600.

Fees for an uncontested divorce with children start at $800.


My "from" price assumes a few generalities and encompasses division of property that I consider typical for a divorcing family.  An example would be a couple that owns one piece of real property (marital home), a couple of cars, a few bank accounts, a couple of life insurance policies, maybe a retirement or two, and a few debt accounts. Each case varies slightly, but most people seem to fall into the "from" price.


If you own a lot of property or accounts we can definitely still do an uncontested divorce, but my fee may be just a bit more to account for the additional time it will take to properly address everything. An example would be a owning some lake lots, a few homes as investment properties or several retirements as the division language takes some time to draft properly. I will let you know if your flat fee will be more than the "from" fee at the time you pay for my services or upon discovery of additional substantial items to address (which does happen from time to time).

Court Filing Fees - about $125-$150 depending upon the court.

I must collect the court filing fee from you before your case can be filed.  You cannot make a check payable to the court due to the way that electronic filing works.  The fee must be credited to my account prior to e-filing your case.  I have links to the court filing fees for St. Charles and St. Louis Counties below for your reference:



St. Charles Co Filing Fees


St. Louis Co Filing Fees

Co-Parenting Program - about $50 if you have children.

If you have children with your spouse, then both parties may be required to complete a short program about co-parenting before the judge will grant your divorce.  This program is now required by most courts in the state of Missouri.  While it IS annoying to have to do, it is at least very short and inexpensive - Usually 1 session lasting 2-4 hours and costing about $50.

St. Charles Co Parenting Class Providers
St. Louis Co Parenting Class Provider

Unless there are special circumstances to your case (i.e. one of you lives out of state with no similar program) then it is unlikely that the judge will be able to waive this requirement.  Your waiting period (the 30 days after filing of your case) is the time to do this program.  The judge may not sign off on your divorce until both parties have completed the program. 

Post Judgment Costs - Depends upon what you divided and how you divided it.

I am generally not involved with anything regarding your divorce once the judgment has been entered and the certified copies have been issued.  But you do need to be aware that you may have some additional costs of completing the terms of your settlement agreement and tying up other loose ends once your divorce is done.  This could include filing a revised deed with the Recorer of Deeds office to hiring an attorney to enforce your settlement.  Just be aware that some expenses may pop up in order to carry out the terms of your settlement agreement.  


You may decide to re-hire my services for completion of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) if you divided any retirement accounts subject to ERISA law.

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