Divorce done the best way possible
Divorce done the best way possible

Uncontested - No Children

Attorney's fees from:  $600

Have an experienced Missouri divorce attorney help you with your case from start to finish. Get relevant legal advice regarding your assets and debts and how divorce will affect you.


Uncontested with Children

Attorney's fees from: $800

An experienced Missouri divorce attorney will help you with your case from start to finish. Navigate child support and custody issues while protecting your child's best interests. 


Be confident that your documents are correctly drafted by an experienced attorney and that they suit your needs.  Let us help you avoid confusing paperwork and a personal court appearance!



We strive to have your divorce signed by the Judge and done within about 60 days of hire. This includes a general 30 day waiting period with the court.

Need for court appearance is usually eliminated.



Since there is no unecessary negotiation, haggling, posturing, pleadings, or litigation, We can trim the fat from your attorney fees and charge a much more reasonable fee. A flat fee means that you know how much your whole divorce will cost.   


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